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Fertilizer and Herbicides

Fertilizer is a supplemental application of essential nutrients applied to soil to boosting plant growth and vitality, providing you with an energetic, healthy lawn!

Herbicides are used to control unwanted plants. Using carefully selected herbicides to block and destroy specific weeds while leaving the desired vegetation unaffected.

Bareground Treatment

An essential management practice to eliminate all vegetation for the purpose of protecting infrastructure. A specially formulate blend of herbicides for maximum efficiency and total control over undesirable vegetation such as annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, grasses, and trees. Kills and prevents unwanted growth for up to one year. Ideal for fence rows, gravel paths, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, and around farm buildings and barns.


Power Raking and Aeration

Power raking removes the buildup of excess dead plant material, improves water and nutrient flow to the roots and to stimulates new grass growth. Heavy thatch can choke grass plants, protect weeds and insects from the chemicals that fight them, and increase runoff from rain and watering.

Following up with aerating will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots more efficiently. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.  

Soft Residual Application

Minimizes the need for hand weeding and controls unwanted plant appearance around ornamental plots.

Bonds tightly with soil particles and is low in water solubility therefore it won't move out of the application zone.

Noxious Weed Spraying

Avoid those $1500 fines! Rid your property of Musk Thistle, Plumeless Thistle, Canada Thistle, Leafy Spurge, Knapweed (spotted and diffuse), Purple Loosestrife, Saltcedar, Phragmites, Field Bindweed, Scotch Thistle, Sericea Lespedeza, Knotweed (Japanese and Giant).

Residential Mosquito Control

Barrier applications implementing a precise backpack operated system distributes insecticide to the foilage on premises, targeting adult mosquitos harboring in these areas.

Sprinkler Blowout

Without blowing out the system, there may be one part of your hose that forms a dip, creating a great place for water to collect and freeze, and even a little bit of ice in one spot will destroy over time. When the water freezes and expands, the PVC pipe will likely burst in multiple places. Furthermore, frozen water trapped in the back flow assembly will cause destruction to the internal components of the pipe. After all, your sprinkler system is the longest lasting appliance in your house. Take a little care and you’ll get 40-60 years of life out of it!

Gutter Clean Out

A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Gunked up gutters also make inviting homes for pests, rodents, mold and honeycombs from bee infestations.

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